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Do Parrots Need a Companion

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Parrots are amazing animals. They are intelligent, social creatures who love to interact with people. However, there are times when they need a bit of extra attention.

If you have a parrot at home, then you know how hard it is to keep them entertained. They are always looking for new toys and activities to engage in.

Do Parrots Need a Companion?

Do Parrots Need a Companion

Just like humans, parrots require companionship. Without one, they could end up being depressed, angry, or simply unhappy.

A parrot needs companionship just like any other pet. If your bird has been living alone all its life, it will be very lonely if left on its own. He may even start acting out or become aggressive towards others.

You can help it by providing the company that it craves. You should also make sure that it gets enough exercise so that it does not get bored.

The best way to provide this kind of entertainment is through interaction with humans. This means playing games together, watching movies together, reading books together, etc. It’s important to ensure that these interactions happen regularly as otherwise your parrot might feel neglected.

Why is it Important for Parrots to Have a Companion?

There are many reasons why having a companion would benefit your parrot. Here are some:

Companionship Helps Your Parrot Feel Loved

Companion birds give each other opportunities to show affection and care. When they spend time together, they tend to develop feelings of attachment towards each other. These feelings allow them to bond more closely and feel more loved.

Companionship Keeps Birds Healthy

Two Parrots Perching

When we take good care of our pets, they stay healthy. A happy and contented animal tends to live longer than one which feels stressed. The same goes for parrots too. Having a companion around helps them relax and enjoy themselves.

Companionship Makes Them Happy

It is well known fact that happiness makes our parrots healthier. We spend quality time with our parrot to keep it healthy. Additionally, a companion parrot will be able to provide happiness to each other like how we do.

Companionship Gives Us More Time

Busy Crosswalk

We often feel the need to take up time from our day to bond with our pet. This is important and should always be done. However, parrots are social animals and they may start to feel lonely once we are away. We know this and often get anxious about it, and try to rush other important things in our lives so that we can get back to them. By having a companion parrot, we can be assured that they are constantly getting the socialization that they crave for.

Companionship Allows Our Parrots to Learn New Things

Our parrots learn new things every single day. As long as we teach them something new, they will continue learning throughout their lifetime. But what happens when we leave them on their own? Should they stop learning because they don’t see us anymore? No! That’s where companions come into play. With someone else teaching them, they will always be learning. Parrots are also able to observe each other and learn from their interactions with us. They pick up different behaviors based on their observations too.

Companionship Improves Social Skills

Parrots are social creatures who thrive off interacting with other individuals. Therefore, it is essential that they find ways to connect with other members of their species. By only getting involved in human-parrot relationships, they can gradually lose the interaction and friendship forming capabilities with other avian friends.

Companionship Builds Trust

Trust is another thing that develops over time. Parrots build trust when they interact with other parrots whom they know and love. We establish trust between ourselves and our parrots. Similarly, parrots should also be given the opportunity to develop the same trust among themselves.

Companionship Provides Entertainment For Themselves

If there was no entertainment available, then how would anyone ever have fun? Well, the same principle holds true for parrots. They crave entertainment and activities that keep them busy. This includes more than just playing games and interacting with them. Parrots should also be given the chance to be able to play with each other.

Companionship Can Help Prevent Aggression

A lack of proper socialization from young can lead to aggressive behavior in parrots. Aggressive parrots may act up when when faced with new experiences. They may also become jealous or feel neglected. By providing a companion to your parrot when they are young, you can prevent these problems from occurring later down the line.

Should I Get My Parrot a Companion Even If I Often Interact With It?

Macaw Up Close

There’s nothing wrong in interacting with your parrot regularly. After all, it helps build bonds between both parties. However, parrots in the wild live in flocks. The African Grey Parrot is known to live in flocks with as many as 20 to 30 birds. Therefore it is unnatural to isolate a parrot by itself for its entire life. A parrot should be able to constantly have socialization with another companion, especially for times where you are not able to be there.

Can I Get a Companion for My Parrot From Another Species?

Orange Birds in a Cage

Several bird owners keep different species of birds in the same cage. This is a risky practice unless you are absolutely confident on their compatibility. Factors such as differences in size and temperaments could cause a bird to be aggressive over the other. There is no firm answer here, but ideally you would want a companion of the same species. As long as you take extra care to observe their compatibility, everything should work fine.

Should I Get The Same or Opposite Sex Companion for My Parrot?

It depends on what kind of personality your parrot possesses. Some parrots prefer having an opposite sex partner while some don’t mind being around the same. In general though, female parrots tend to be the least likely to get along with each other, especially if they were not introduced well. Male parrots are not as territorial and are usually fine being put together if they were introduced to each other well. Pairing opposite gender parrots is still the most common practice.

Should I Keep Parrots in the Same or Separate Cages?

Parrots can be kept in the same cages provided that they are compatible with each other. If any of the parrot show signs of aggression towards the other, then it may not be good to keep them together. Keeping two parrots in separate cages allows them to interact without causing harm to one another.

If you intend to keep them in the same cage, make sure you do so gradually, and keep a close eye on them and their behaviors. This is especially so if they are already used to their existing environment.

Will Parrots Fight With Each Other?

Macaws Fighting

It is possible for parrots to fight with each other. Usually it is because of jealousy. Other times it could simply be because of hormones. In order to prevent this from happening, you would want them to have a good experience from the start. It is therefore important on how you introduce them to each other, preferably in a gradual manner. You should start by putting them in separate cages first and let them get used to each other’s presence. You can then try putting them together for short periods of time, while keeping them in close supervision.

Are Parrots Loyal to Their Companions?

Birds in general are known to be very loyal animals between each other and even humans. They cherish their friendship very much and will bond closely with those who treat them right. For example, when a human treats his or her dog kindly, he or she usually returns the favor. Similarly, a parrot will return kindnesses done to him or her. This can be seen by parrots showing affection to one another.

Do Parrots Mate With Their Companions?

When paired with the opposite sex, this is something that could happen. During mating season, you may observe your parrots starting to have more close physical contact with each other. Male parrots may also be seen putting on physical displays such as fanning its tail, flipping its wing, pinning its eye or even regurgitation of its food.

What If I Can’t Get a Companion for My Parrot?

If you are unable to get a companion for your parrot, then you will definitely have to make a bigger effort to interact with your parrot consistently. You need to understand that without you around, your parrot will be all alone. Over time, this loneliness can lead to depression and undesirable behaviors in your parrot.

You need to make sure that you are dedicating a couple of hours a day to interact with your parrot. Exposing your parrots to constant social interactions is important to maintain their happiness and wellbeing.

You should also buy some toys for your parrot so that they are also exposed to mental and physical stimulation. These could include balls, ropes, feathers, bells, mirrors, etc.

Another tip is to take your bird along whenever you visit friends or family members. Your bird will surely appreciate having someone else around to play with. too.

Choosing a Parrot Cage for 2 Parrots

A parrot cage provides a safe place for your pet to live while giving him or her plenty of space to play and exercise. The bigger the cage, the better. So try to provide the biggest cage you can that’s within your budget and space constraints.

When it comes to adding a companion, you need to reconsider the size of the cage again to see if they fall within the size recommendations. According to RSPCA Australia’s guidelines for choosing a cage size for two birds, you would need a minimum width of three times their combined wingspan.


Parrots are intelligent creatures which makes them great pets. This also means that they require lots of attention from their caretakers. It is therefore essential that you spend quality time interacting with your parrot every single day. Make sure that you do not leave your parrot unattended at home for an extended period of time because this might cause problems later down the line.

Since parrots are highly flock-oriented, it’s good to provide them another parrot as companionship. Doing so, you will also be at ease knowing that your parrot is never being left all alone.

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